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Official entries of Tsar Nicholas II & His Family

На этих кадрах кинохроники из Российского государственного архива кинофотодокументов (РГАКФД) представлены торжественные выходы Царской Семьи. Soundtrack / Музыка: 1) «Боже, Царя храни!» (сл. В. А. Жуковского, 1814 г.) — с 0:03; 2) «Многи лета, православный русский Царь!» (исп. хор Валаамского монастыря) — с 3:40; 3) Марш Лейб–Гвардии Гусарского полка — с 5:27; 4) Колокольный звон собора Александра Невского (Петрозаводск, Карельская епархия) — с 9:35; 5) «Царь могучий, Царь державный» (исп. хор Валаамского монастыря) — с 11:08; 6) Марш Лейб–Гвардии Семеновского полка — с 13:31.

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They had the prettiest family in all of royal families in Europe! The girls were absolutely gorgeous
Tsar was extremely handsome
God bless the Romanov Family, Those poor souls are just victims of an inhuman failed Ideology.
Wonderful. I find Tsar Nicholas and those hauntingly beautiful children endlessly fascinating.
Just so sad they were murdered. All those children didn't deserve that. May they all rest in peace.
Thank heavens Russia went back to the name St. Petersburg for that great city. The fact that it was called Leningrad for years was so wrong.
Бесценные кадры. Спасибо!
And to think that the Romanovs were replaced by the likes of Lenin and Stalin, murderers and criminals.
39 55
The real tragedy is that their Royal relatives including Royal Family in Britain didn't lift a finger to offer help to get the Tsar and his family safely out of Russia. That is a dam tragedy!
Благодарю Вас за столь бесценные кадры! Thank you for nice film
Царь не прятал свое семейство! The king did not hide his family
If I could travel in Time , I would save the Gorgeous Family 100 Years ago !!! I even cannot kill a Fly !!! No Words can describe , how sad I´m right now....... :-(((
I love that family. Victims of fanatism. God bless your alive descendants for ever. And God bless Rusia.
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