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Romanovs . The Last Waltz .

My grandfather fought with the White Army of Tsar in Crimea as a Greek volunteer. Long live Orthodox Russia,the memory of Tsar is still alive in our hearts !!!
Alexandra Feodorovna was the really most beauftiful empress of the last years of the old good times in Europe! Ofc our empress Zita had a same beauty ;)
She always looked incredibly depressed. It's almost as if she already knew their fate
this video is so touching they bring tears to my eyes beautiful video
Thank you !
Most of photos are colored by Me . But not all ! Thank you !
tashusik : They are lovely. My dear mother also tinted our photographs and I treasure them.
The colours are vibrant and suit the era.. They are a beautifully done. Everything was black & white back then. Great job.
@Yvonne Ormsby Thank you !
Alexandra Feodorovna had such delicate beautiful features a classic beauty
9 25
The Bolsheviks built their regime at the cost of countless lives, something that we shall never forget about, and also, the KGB continues to exist in one form or another.
Romanovs  The last Waltz thank you
Magnifique ! Wonderfull ! Musique incroyablement belle qui je trouve souligne vraiment la magnificence et l'innocence face au massacre d'Ekaterinbourg.
Милые Мои Niki and Aleks любил ,люблю и буду любить до тризны своей. ЦАРСТВИЕ ВАМ НЕБЕСНОГО. СЛАВА РУСИ!!!
I know the following will cause much concern yet must I always do the will of our Holy Father in whatever he may command me to do as he has done this day. Will his wonders ever cease? I could say it a million times and each time be in awe of his majesty. There is no ELohiym like our ELohiym! 15 July 2016 "Yet shall you write my words to MY HOLY RUSSIA which only now exists in the hearts of they who know my words and they who know me as I AM." "Remember you this day in your history 15 July?" "Know you and understand you that yet will this happen again as I have so decreed and as I have so willed so shall it be." "That which now rules over MY HOLY RUSSIA will cease according to the words which are given to you this day." "Know you, understand you and consider deeply MY HOLY RUSSIA that the betrayal of your forefathers to me and my chosen was one of great offence and in committing such a great offence to me, my children and my name, I AM that I AM, know you and understand you that your fall and suffering was a judgment passed upon you for this great transgression." "Yet even in the many years of your suffering have you recognized your egregious error against my children and against my chosen rulers of your nation." "Through all of this suffering, much of which has been hidden from the world by that synagogue of satan, through all of this suffering have you yet returned once again to me, I AM that I AM the same I AM of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob." "Therefore know you, understand you and consider you deeply that I have yet held one in reserve from that family which I chose to lead MY HOLY RUSSIA of those days long passed, yet have I held one in reserve and will return him to his appointed throne in my time and in my place for my plans and for my purposes for MY HOLY RUSSIA!" "Watch you therefore for that which your prophets spoke that would verify these words as mine." "Look to the east for the fulfillment of those prophecies by your prophets which I sent to you." "Look to the east and seek that light which your prophets foretold." "Look to the east and see with your hearts, see with your eyes and see with your ears the fulfillment of those prophecies which your prophets foretold would come and would precede the hearing of my voice among my people of MY HOLY RUSSIA!" "Hear my voice now and hear my voice forever upon you hearts because I, yes me I AM that I AM, I have commanded all of these words upon the heart of this servant to write these words to you and to also bring you my words of great warning." "Hear my voice now and hear my voice forever upon you hearts because I, yes me I AM that I AM, I bring you this message of great warning! "Hear my voice now and hear my voice forever upon you hearts MY HOLY RUSSIA because I, yes me I AM that I AM, I bring you warning to seek not an alliance of any kind with that false and abominable beast which sits upon those seven hills in the city of blasphemy, rather cast them from among you!" "I AM that I AM, The Ancient of Days which rules all that is, The Holy One of Israel, King of Kings, King of the Sabbath,Yeshua."
Очень красивое фото ..Прекрасная работа ..и вальс.До сих пор не могу понять, как могла подняться рука на этих людей..!!! Вечная и светлая им память! Спасибо огромное, Tashusik/
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